Basketball drills are the most important factor when trying to improve your game. No matter what sport you play or if you are learning a new job skill you must learn the foundementals first. Once you have a solid understanding of how to perform the basic skills needed to play basketball you can add to them and become a better player. Even profesional basketball players still do drills every day. Basketball drills range from as simple as practising a chest pass with another player to basketball drills that require multiple players to work on game time simulations, like practising a fast break by running 3 players against 2 defenders. No matter what skill level you are at or what type of basketball drills you are doing , you must warm up first to avoid injury. Simple drills may not seem very demanding but if you have stiff muscles you run the risk of pulling something. All you need to do to warm up is some stretching of the legs and back for 10 minutes. After stretching some light running to get the heart going and you should be ready to practise your basketball drills. There are whole books written on the subject of basketball drills, I'll just cover the larger catagories. This will be a very simplistic overview and not meant to insult those of you that have played the game for a while. 1. Ball handling, this includes dribbling and passing. 2. Shooting, this includes lay ups, free throws, 3 point shots and jump shots from varying points on the court. 3. Rebounding, both offensive and defensive. 4. Offensive play 5. Defnsive play All these are vary broad catagories and many books have been written on each subject by itself. To continue to improve your basketball game you must always work on the basics but keep adding more difficult basketball drills as you progress. The things you find difficult today will seem easy after practising them for a while. before you can steal the ball, drive the length of the court and do a spinning 360 dunk, you have to become a accomplished defensive player and ball handler. Just think, if you pay your dues, practise hard and get some good coaching and training advice you may just get a free ride to college. Look at some of the people in the NBA that came right out of high school to make a impact. They did that by working harder than everyone else and practising basketball drills over and over until it was second nature. There are some outstanding training systems available, put out by great athletes and trainers. A good training system will even have videos to help you see the best way to do your basketball drills. Get a training program, get to work. Who knows we may see you on TV some day.

best basketball driis

Basketball drills

We have put together the best basketball drills for all ages at The Best Basketball Drills
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